UL 508A ICP Manufacturing

Like most other electrical contractors, we relied on vendors to furnish us with UL 508A Listed industrial control cabinets, as required by the National Electrical Code.   While these products are sufficient for most applications, our desire to have complete control of components and to have a more intimate role in the equipment layout, drove us to become a UL Listed 508A ICP Manufacturer.  Our extensive knowledge of industrial and motor controls made this a natural progression and we are excited to provide our customers with unparalleled expertise and service in manufacturing ICP’s.

Our UL 508A Listed ICP Manufacturing capabilities include (but are not limited to):

Design, fabrication and integration

Troubleshooting, service and repair

Improving efficiency of production and process systems

Radio control options

AutoCAD capabilities and in house generated drawings

Extensive knowledge of industrial and motor controls

Comprehensive documentation of the control systems provided including a complete control panel bill of materials with UL e-file component numbers

On site integration and commissioning of new custom components with our knowledgeable, licensed electricians

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